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Thematization of hotels, campings & resorts


The theme of hotels consists of the decoration of a hotel according to a theme, country, culture or civilization.

Everything is thematizable, from the rooms, to the reception, common areas And restaurants, as well as gardens and swimming pools

Our team of sculptors, thematics of any environment, which you want to create.

Pools, recreating Caribbean environments, with sand and palm trees or rocky, with Waterfalls and large rocks with slides and trampolines.

Reception, you can set the scene that decides, either by its geographical location or by theme.

Rooms, furnished, modeled and designed By artists

Children's space, with trees storytelling, children's furniture: mushrooms, fantasy sculptures, etc.

Can be themes of animals, objects.


Our sculptors do an arduous task to thematize any environment.


Trees tell stories that speak and move, fantasy sculptures for children.


We make complete structures such as castles, wooden huts, etc.