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Bath Specialists


We supply all kinds of bathroom equipment, of exclusive design, whether bath plates, showers, shower screens, bathroom furniture, bathroom floors etc. We leave you The bathroom exactly as you want it, and if necessary we present you the design beforehand through a professional render, so you can see how it will look before we touch the first tile.We detail below a small sample of the products of our Providers and what we can offer you:


Consult our catalog and all the models that we can offer you, any screens we need. We have a wide variety of them, in models, colors and measures We install it in a professional way so that it interferes as little as possible in its day to day, depending on the model in 4 hours we can have it installed

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Shower trays

We design and show the shower tray according to your needs. We have all the measurements and colors, we study the design of the model that best suits your needs and We work with many different suppliers, among which it is torvisco, with fine lines and design of last generation.

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Built-in tanks

For professional design and to take care of every last detail, one of the solutions we bring is that of built-in cisterns. It is a system of cisterns that are embedded in the wall and that are not seen to the naked eye. It is a wonderful solution for bathrooms that require a special design. Wisa is one of the suppliers we work with. Below we show the catalog of this supplier.

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Bathroom furniture

We have a series of preset models to have a dream bathroom.We have bathroom furniture of all styles and colors.And if among the wide catalog we offer you can not find What you need, we can design a custom bathroom.

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