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Sculptor's corner


The theme is the decoration based on a theme, a place, a country or a culture.

Thematic, from the common areas of rest, services, restaurants, etc.

Our team of sculptors, themaze any environment, which you want to create.

Pools, recreating Caribbean environments , With sand and palm trees or rocky, with waterfalls and large rocks with slides and trampolines.

Space for children, with trees storytelling, children's furniture: mushrooms, fantasy sculptures, attractions for big and small, Etc.

Can be themes of animals, objects, scenarios, roundabouts, etc.


We can create any kind of effect with sculptures, water, sand, grass, etc.


We sculpted and painted realistic animals for attractions and games.


We perform from the most complex sculptures to the simplest designs.


Our team of sculptors, thematize any environment, the one you want to create.


We painted all the sculptures we made to give them a realistic touch.


Previously, we made plans on the sculptures and designs that we are going to carry out.