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Hotel and camping equipment


We supply all types of interior and exterior equipment for hotels and campgrounds such as terrace and garden furniture, security locks, gas appliances for camping, furniture, kitchens, locks, small And large appliances, safes, mattresses, televisions, bathrooms, etc.

We represent several brands, thus adapting to the needs of each client in terms of quality, price and requirements.

We work with Brands of quality and resistant to continuous use.

We provide all the necessary equipment to the campings like terrace furniture, planters, kitchenware, parks, hammocks, etc.

All types of equipment for Hotels like mattresses, beds, furniture of rooms, accessories of bath, kitchen utensils, complete kitchens, outdoor furniture for gardens and swimming pools, etc.


Small camping accessories such as saucepans, thermos, PVC dishes, etc.


Informative or promotional screens, televisions, computers, etc.

Bathroom accessories

We provide services in hotels: dryers, soap dispensers, etc.