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Design and reenactment of scenographies, technical thematization and animation with movements (animatronic).

We integrate technology into every project giving the creations amazing effects And realism based on movement, sound, lighting and FX.

An example is the Corner of the automaton: Tree tells stories that incorporates movement (mouth, eyes, branches) and in addition to telling stories emits sounds of the forest.

The sculptures have webcams included and integrated motion and sound sensors that detect the passage of people.

In the office there is a person who See what is seen on the webcam and interact with the passers-by.

All the movements of the mouth when speaking are synchronized with speech, which entails a great work of engineering, since it is studied letter by letter And is programmed The movement of each letter.


Spectacularity in the details, like the movements of the lips according to phonetics, real-time interaction with the user, surprising movements, ...


Previously, we made plans on the sculptures and designs that we are going to carry out.


We give life to any inanimate object, such as this tree tells stories.